Printers and Accessories

Cash Solutions offers a wide range of cash counting machine accessories that complement Volumatic count by weight devices, allowing companies to further enhance efficiency and loss prevention

TP Printer

To make the most of your Cash Solutions device, why not link it up with a Cash Solutions printer? Use the Cash Solutions inkless (thermal) printer to attain a printed record of cash counting data quickly and effortlessly. Save money through reduced bank charges – cash is counted and totals logged before the bank comes to collect your takings, so you do not have to pay for this service.

The Cash Solutions inkless printer is small and light. It also uses no complex connection procedure, so all that you or your staff need to do is plug it in, press the print button and watch as a full printout of your till count appears in seconds! Supplied with printer cable and one roll of paper.

Printer rolls

  • Replacement paper rolls for your Volumatic printer
  • Replacement paper rolls (case of 50) high quality thermal paper


Hod (note holder)

Additional Volumatic note holder.

Coin scoop

Fits all Volumatic models.

Machine power supply

Machine power supply

Till cups

Maximize the performance of your Volumatic by using till cups.
Till cups are inserts which are placed in the coin section of standard cash drawers. Volumatic till cups enable quick and easy coin counting without the need to directly handle coins.

Typically, a standard cash drawer with 800 coins in 4 denominations can be counted in approximately 8 seconds using a Volumatic with till cups. Volumatic offer till cups to fit all major till cash register models.

Manual coin sorter

The manual coin sorter offers a quick and inexpensive way of sorting all your mixed coinage.

Unlike large mechanical coin sorters used by most businesses, this manual coin sorter is small, has no moving parts and is a fraction of the cost. No maintenance is involved and it is simple to use, it only requires a simple motion process to filter the coins into the correct denominations.

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