Easy and instant currency authentication
The Cassida InstaCheck immediately indicates whether the money you’ve taken is legitimate currency. A green light signals good currency; a red light and multiple beeps tell you the bill is suspect. InstaCheck offers the latest infrared and magnetic ink counterfeit detectors, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your cash handling.

Instant currency verification
The InstaCheck gives you immediate, easy-to-understand currency verification with its simple pass/fail indicator lights. A green pass light and audible beep means the currency is legitimate. A flashing red fail light and audible beeps tell you the bill is suspect.

Multi detection for accuracy
The InstaCheck utilizes state-of-the-art infrared (IR) and magnetic (MG) sensors for advanced currency detection.

Works with all U.S. denominations
The InstaCheck is sized specifically to take U.S. dollars, so feeding bills is easy and assures fewer dimension errors    than other similar testosterone cypionate vs enanthate detectors.

A must-have for every cash-handling situation
Developed for retailers and cash handlers who need immediate currency verifications, the InstaCheck is a reliable way to authenticate currency in under a second. If you’ve been searching for the easiest way for your team to know immediately whether the U.S. bill they took is authentic, the Cassida InstaCheck gives them instant, easy-to-understand feedback about the legitimacy of the currency.


Powerful and easy to use, too!
Cassida Quattro employs the most advanced technology in counterfeit detection today and eliminates the frustration of feeding bills correctly. The Quattro allows you to insert bills in any orientation – face up or face down – and instantly know whether a bill is genuine or suspect. Easy to understand PASS and FAIL indicators show if bills are legitimate or should be rejected.

Incredibly intuitive 4-way insertion

  • Quattro breaks through technology barriers with its advanced detection and analysis capabilities, assuring state-of-the-art performance and ironclad security conventional detectors won’t ever match
  • Take Quattro anywhere you need to authenticate cash — a rechargeable battery is included
  • On-screen report shows total value and total bills taken in a single transaction and breaks it down by denomination

Built to last

  • Durable and quality-built, the Quattro is a long-term solution to protecting your business from counterfeits
  • Go ahead and put it next to a busy check stand — Quattro snaps open for easy cleaning
  • Easily upgradeable — when US currency changes, you can still get accurate detection without buying a new unit

Have confidence in every transaction
Quattro is backed by the exclusive Cassida Counterfeit Shield that reimburses you the full face value of the counterfeit bill within 72 hours, should your Quattro detector accept it as genuine. We’re so confident in the Quattro, because it has industry-leading detection built right in.

Counterfeit Bill Scanner D450

The Counterfeit Bill Scanner’s self-feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspicious notes. This automatic counterfeit detector checks for ultraviolet markings, magnetic ink, and infrared in less than 1 second per bill. An audible and visual warning notifies the user if the bill passed or failed the test.

Great for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and any other business where cash transactions take place.

  • Immediate banknote verification
  • Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error
  • Saves time & labor costs
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Multi-detection: Magnetic, and infrared
  • Easy to use with a “Passed or failed” test
  • High speed: less than 1 second per bill
  • Currency accepted: U.S. dollar/programmable

Super Dollar Authenticator D500

Compact, fast and reliable, the D500 Authenticator immediately verifies the authenticity of US currency as well as its denomination. The D500 is equipped with audible and visual warning alerts whenever a suspicious bill is detected. This portable counterfeit detector is designed with a computerized screen capable of denomination discrimination functions as well as security icons that alert the user where exactly the bill has failed. This counterfeit detector has automatic front and back loading options as well as automatic counting functions in order to allow the user to keep track of manual counts while checking for security features.

  • Reduces Counterfeit Losses
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Infrared Detection sensor
  • Internal magnetic sensor
  • Internal UV sensor
  • Audible and Visual alerts
  • Automatic Loading
  • Automatic Adding Function
  • Currency Accepted: multiple currencies
  • Software Upgradeable

D66 Banker Pro Counterfeit Detector (UV/MG/WM/MP)

Protect your money with this professional counterfeit detector. The simultaneous quad money detection system checks ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark and micro-printing security features. Additionally, the D66 counterfeit detector is equipped with an auto on/off sensor, an enlarged magnifying glass and with the capabilities of checking check for ultraviolet and watermark features simultaneously. This analyzer includes a folding stand for angled viewing for convenience and to protect the user from UV-ray exposure.

Great for banks, bars, gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere cash transactions take place.

  • Compact and portable
  • Powerful ultraviolet light detector
  • Auto on/off sensor
  • Automatic UV sensor
  • Magnetic detection
  • Fluorescent light for watermark verification
  • Simultaneous UV and watermark verification function
  • Large Magnifier for micro-printing verification
  • Folding stand for angled viewing

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