Why Cash Solutions…

Cash Solutions provides some of the world’s largest blue chip companies with money counting machines and has been a leading provider of scale-based cash counting equipment since 2002.

Unlike many operations, Cash Solutions success is built upon a belief that every individual’s contribution is valued. Our team has more than 40 years of experience working with retailers, restaurants and grocery stores. Cash Solutions successfully offers a perspective with local expertise and remains focused on their customers.

Cash Solutions employs a transparency policy from the start of every relationship. Being approachable is essential to Cash Solutions – it allows us to achieve strong and long-lasting partnerships with all our clients.

Cash Solutions policy is quite simple:

  • We listen.
  • We discuss.
  • We offer solutions.
  • We learn and continuously improve.


Cash Solutions strives to provide money counting solutions with pride that are produced through honest, cheerful endeavor.


  • We intend to identify markets and provide globally acceptable technology-based money counting solutions of high quality with good return on investment and positive growth.
  • To establish a harmonious working environment that promotes team belief from an honest and committed work force.
  • To encourage open leadership qualities in management, implementing systems that support high levels of communication and awareness of commercial issues.

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