Why count by weight?

Counting by weight is the intelligent method of money counting. Put simply, it’s a fast, easy and highly accurate method of counting cash.

Cash Solutions weight-based money scales help your business work more efficiently and prevent loss. Counting money by weight is more than six times faster than by hand, 100% accurate and proven to significantly reduce cash shrinkage. Additionally, our money counting machines can instantly reconcile takings and allow you to conduct on-the-spot audit checks.

Every count-by-weight machine is built to the highest standards. They are lightweight and portable with silent operation and a small footprint, making them ideal for the retail, office or even front of house environment.

The major benefits of counting by weight:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Security
  • Overall efficiency
  • ROI
  • Customer service


  • Employees focus on making money, not counting it
  • Reconcile cash registers, deposits, safe counts
  • Count a till in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduce time to process cash by up to 75%


  • Every count by weight machine employs five independent techniques to ensure absolute accuracy when money counting – giving you assured accuracy time after time.
  • Our count by weight money scale will standardize your money counting procedures, eliminating human errors and create an audit trail.
  • Quick and easy documentation can be provided for bank deposits with the printer option.
  • Connectivity allows data to be easily transferred to a PC or in-house systems.
  • Heavily worn or taped notes can be counted with assured accuracy


  • Cashiers become accountable
  • Minimizes the time that cash is out in the open
  • Audits become more practical

Return on investment

  • By saving time, increasing loss prevention and increasing efficiency and reconciliation practices – 90% of Cash Solutions customers benefit from a return on investment in three months or less.

Customer service

  • Frees up your time to commit to customers
  • Gives managers more time to focus on other duties

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